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Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License Attorney in Tampa, FL

DWLS—Driving While License Suspended, Cancelled, or Revoked:

Take control of your life & avoid the trap.

Since 2008, more than five million Floridians have had their driver’s license suspended, cancelled, or revoked. (see note 1).

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE: do not be overwhelmed or discouraged if your license is suspended, cancelled, or revoked, even if you owe thousands of dollars in tickets or child support or have been labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender; an experienced attorney can help you regain your driving privilege. 

Unpaid tickets, fines, child support, or other financial obligations:  The overwhelming majority of license suspensions are the result of unpaid financial obligations. (See note 2).  Often, a person’s license is first suspended when he or she forgets to pay a ticket, misses a child support payment, or lets his or her car insurance lapse.  Once suspended, the person begins to accumulate more and more tickets and feels like the situation is hopeless.

An experienced attorney can restore hope and help you take control of your life by steering you through the maze of courts, DHSMV officials, and creditors.

THE DWLS TRAP: suspended license charges are cumulative; once you have one, you are more likely to get another, and what is essentially a traffic ticket can ultimately put you in prison. 

Habitual Traffic Offender:  Once you have three charges for either DWLS or DUI, you are labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO.)  As an HTO, you could potentially go to prison for five years if you get another DWLS.

People get trapped in the DWLS cycle because they are either unable or forget to pay outstanding fines, resulting in the initial suspension.  Once your license is suspended, you are more likely to get pulled over because law enforcement can often tell if your license is suspended just by running your tag.  This gives law enforcement a reason to pull you over, resulting in yet another citation and more fines to pay.

Do not let yourself fall victim to the HTO/DWLS trap.  Contact a knowledgeable attorney who can help you get back on the right path.

In the meantime, find out if your license is suspended and why:  https://services.flhsmv.gov/DLCheck/

If you or a loved one are in the Tampa, FL, area and have been charged with driving on a suspended driver’s license, call Armando Edmiston, an experienced driving on a suspended driver’s license criminal defense lawyer in Tampa. He can help you build the defense you need today.

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