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Post-Divorce Issues Such as Contempt Actions

When your Florida divorce becomes final it is natural to breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to the next chapter of your life. This is well and good, but you would do well to consider the fact that post-divorce issues can and do appear, so you don’t want to let your guard down entirely. Things like child custody and spousal support are subject to modification, and child support is an issue that is very frequently revisited.

There are instances when child support must be modified due to a change in the financial circumstances of the parents and/or an increase in the needs of the child. And in other cases, delinquent child support payments present a problem that must be addressed.

Many people do not realize the extent of the problem that delinquent child support payments pose in the United States today. Half of all court ordered child support payments have not been paid in full, and 25% of them have not been paid at all. Failure to pay child support is not a victimless offense. Innocent children suffer then these obligations are not met, and there is simply no excuse for it. Being a parent carries certain responsibilities, and helping to provide food and shelter for your children is as basic as it gets.

One way that you can get the attention of a delinquent obligor in an effort to motivate this individual to correct his or her arrears is through the filing of a contempt action. Child support is an obligation that is ordered by the court, and a failure to obey this order constitutes an act of contempt. Contempt of court is a serious charge, and at the discretion of the court it can result in a period of incarceration.

Most of us would agree that the love that a parent has for his or her child is all that it should take to motivate this person to contribute to the child’s financial support. Unfortunately, there are those who need some added incentive, and the threat of jail time via a contempt action can often compel the delinquent party to bring his or her child support payment up to date.

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