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Contested Divorce

When a married couple is considering filing for a dissolution of marriage in the state of Florida they generally don’t make the final decision overnight. They recognize the gravity of the matter and how it will affect one another, the children, and the rest of the extended family. The emotional aspects are a big part of equation, but the reality is that there are hand-to-mouth issues to consider as well. Most families rely on two working parents to maintain their standard of living, and even if you as an adult are willing to accept a reduced living standard, you do have to consider how it will impact the children.

Because people have usually thought it all the way though before making the final decision to divorce they have already discussed the terms. This is one of the primary reasons why nine out of every ten divorce proceedings in the United States are uncontested, and there are many incentives to steer clear of a contested divorce. For one thing contested divorce proceedings are time intensive for the attorneys involved, so the legal fees can he considerable.

It may sound trite to some, but another reason why contested divorces are best avoided is to preserve an amicable relationship with your former spouse. Any two people who have been engaged in a marital partnership have gone through a lot together. A dissolution of marriage does not have to be bitter, and if you approach the matter with an open heart you may be able to preserve a meaningful friendship in spite of the circumstances.

But even if you don’t care at all about avoiding a contested divorce to preserve a positive relationship with your ex for your own reasons, if you have children, you may want to take pause. As parents of the same children you and your former spouse will be interacting for the rest of your lives, often times in social situations that are very important to your children. This is something that can be very difficult to do under a lingering cloud of hard feelings.

If you are going through a contested divorce contact an experienced Tampa FL divorce lawyer for a free consultation.

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