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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

When you find yourself looking for information on Florida divorce laws you are probably going through a rocky period in your marriage. The fact is that in the United States today upwards of 50% of all marriages end in divorce, so you are not alone if you are considering such an action. But filing for divorce, which is legally termed “dissolution of marriage” in Florida, is a huge decision that should not be entered into in the hear of passions. If there are children involved they will be affected, and the entire extended family will feel the impact of the divorce. There are many fine marriage counseling resources available in the Tampa area and they have helped countless couples repair their marriages.

This having been emphasized you can find the laws surrounding divorce in Chapter 61 of Florida Statutes, and the first thing that is addressed is the matter of residency. To meet the requirement, either the petitioner or the respondent must have been a resident of the state for at least six months filing the the filing. If you meet the residency requirement, one would file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in the Circuit Court in the county of residence of one or both of the parties. The County Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court handles all paperwork, scheduling, and notifications.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

For the most part Florida is what is considered a no-fault divorce state with the primary ground for divorce being that of an irretrievably broken marriage. The only other ground for dissolution of marriage in Florida is mental incapacity for a period of at least three years. Many states around the country have chosen to do away with fault grounds for divorce in an effort to foster a cooperative environment and remove the incentive to place blame.

If you are going though a divorce contact a Tampa divorce lawyer to arrange for a consultation.

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